Cynthia Oliver Co.

A Holy Roller Named Pimp

Written and Choreographed by Cynthia Oliver
Premiered at Links Hall, “Ova Queens,” (Chicago, IL) November 22, 23, 2002
Performers: Molly Klaproth, KC Chun
Music: Straylight featuring Jason Finkelman, Geoff Gersh, Charles Cohen

A biographical duet about the life, love, and travails of a a Southern woman domestic. Holy Roller moves through the moments in this character’s life as she worships in a Pentacostal fervor, moves through the country with the love of her life, and makes a living as a presser and a domestic in the homes of white folks. While the story is about one woman, it is told from the perspective of her niece and admirer. The two relate to one another, moving back and forth between their own identities and those of each other. This work is a work on its own as well as a part of AfroSocialiteLifeDiva.