Cynthia Oliver Co.

Bed Opus: Windowdance

Written and performed by Cynthia Oliver and Jake-ann Jones.
Premiered at Aaron Davis Hall , (Harlem, NY) June 1997

In Bed Opus writer, choreographer/performer Cynthia Oliver and writer/performer Jake-ann Jones create a fantasy dialogue between two women who know each other only as shadow figures dancing in their apartment windows facing eachother high above the alley below. Trapped in the skyscraperproject existence of urban violence, scintillation, alienation and longing, the two project and abstract their least speakable, unactable and provocative imaginings on the shadowy guise of the other as they dance for each other in their windows in growing desperation and flights of fancy. With words , movement, and sound, Oliver and Jones meld homo-heterotica, ghettogirl logic, and a futuristic funkfeel in this first movement of Bed Opus, a series of installment-works exploring urban home-as-safe harbor, wo/man/bedroom-as-womb; death, life and rest.