Cynthia Oliver Co.


Written and Choreographed by Cynthia Oliver
Premiered at  Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Urbana IL, February 2001
Performers: Mariam Thiam, Elizabeth Johnson, Anna Sapozhnikov, Ana Mendez, Leslie Cuyjet, Sarah Winkler, Francisca Silva, Solange Fermin
Music: Jason Finkelman

A large group work with eight women dancers, Conjoined was a work created for students of the University of Illinois Dance Department and is the stories of young women coming to terms with their relationships with their mothers and conversely mother’s relationships with their daughters. Presented from both perspectives it is a heart warming exploration of conflict, admiration, desire, and loss. Performed to an original sound score by composer Jason Finkelman, this work is a witty, somber, and joyful meditation on the complicated relationships between women who are inseparably a part of one another.