Cynthia Oliver Co.


Written and Choreographed by Cynthia Oliver
Premiered: Dance Theater Workshop September 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26, 1999
Performers: Oliver, Rhetta Aleong, Cynthia Bueschel, Renee Redding-Jones, Melissa Wynn
Music: Straylight featuring Jason Finkelman, Geoff Gersh, Charles Cohen

LUKoSiMAD is the collaborative evening of work to be choreographed, written and performed by both Gabri Christa and Cynthia Oliver at Dance Theatre Workshop in the Fall of 1999. Exploring the topic of madness from both these Caribbean women’s perspectives (one from Curacao and the other from St. Croix), the audience experienced two half evenings of work by each artist and transitory collaborative moments which address the similarities in island mythologies and differences in individual considerations of madness. Oliver’s half is the preview of her larger evening length work SHEMAD which premiered at Performance Space 122 in 2000.

Cynthia Oliver and Gabri Christa in the Village Voice for LuKosiMad.jpg